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During the 'chart collection' portion
of a Temecula polygraph test, the
person being tested must answer
the questions with no head movement

lie detector Temecula

One measurement of a lie detector test
in Temecula is 'sweat' activity at the
fingertips while answering with required
single-word answers, Yes or No.

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For the most accuracy from
a Temecula lie detector test,
the questions should contain
less than 20 words each.

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A polygraph test in Temecula is available
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The most common type of
Temecula lie-detector tests
are relationship and theft.

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As we are the most
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Some examiners try
to trick you on their
website by saying
"20 years of
experience" when
they really only have
5 years of just
part-time polygraph
experience! They
are saying they have
20 years of cop
experience, or
therapy experience,
NOT polygraph

Ask them directly:
"Exactly how many
years have you
had your own
polygraph business?"

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