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It's time to call
818 883-6969
for a Norco lie
detector test!

guidelines for a polygraph test in Norco

A polygraph test in
Norco is a polygraph
test in Riverside County. Some other counties are half the price if that helps;
call for options.

polygraph exams Norco

We administer
Norco CA
by computer
for the public


We have been
polygraph testing
since 1988.

Most other examiners in
your area have less than 5 years polygraph experience. They try to hide that fact by
instead talking about classes they recently took, or what polygraph clubs they pay
to be a member of.
Don't be tricked:
only polygraph
not what they did
before becoming a
polygraph student.

Norco polygraphs

Norco lie-detector

Polygraph in Norco

Norco polygraph test

Norco lie detection

Same test, different location:
Norco polygraph: $345
Los Angeles polygraph: $145

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Norco polygraph exam

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Ontario polygraph exam

Norco Riverside polygraph

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Norco lie-detector exams
are available every day

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For a Norco
polygraph exam
by a 30+ years
polygraph examiner
(not by someone with less
than 5 years experience!)
call 818 883-6969

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