To become listed here:

If you are a legit polygraph examiner who actually has
the instrument and training that you claim, welcome!

There are other websites filled with ads for
'Hire me- I use a XXXXXXX polygraph instrument'
by people who really only have older equipment;
this is not to say that older equipment can't work
but lying to a potential client about it is disgusting.
And other sites allow posting of false information
about an examiner's training and abilities.

PolygraphConnection is NOT a
'We allow anyone with a credit card to advertise' site.

PolygraphConnection is NOT a
'Search through pages of our cluttered site
before you can possibly find an examiner'
on PolygraphConnection, your clients click for
your info right on the clean & simple homepage.

PolygraphConnection is neutral; it is NOT pressured
or influenced by any vendor, school, clique or association.

PolygraphConnection is NOT an
'Advertise whatever you want, they don't verify' site.
Those other sites do not protect the public; we do.
We will ask you to verify everything stated in your listing.

That all said, let's get you listed!

Pick a state. List info such as city name,
your company name, personal name,
phone number, website, e-mail address,
instrument type, special training or
certifications, and up to a paragraph
of other info you'd like clients to know.


Dallas-Fort Worth TX
Polygraph Testing Center
Jonathan Kelly, M.S.
(123) 456-4185
years experience; retired federal agent;
using a computerized Polygraph instrument
with video recording available;
Serving government agencies, attorneys and
corporate clients throughout north-central Texas;
licensed and certified APA sex offender examiner.

This basic listing, for the first one:
$100 for from today to the end of this calendar year.
Additional listings are $25 per this calendar year.

Listings displayed alphabetical by city.
Simple, straight-forward, and honest. No BS.

No 'politics'; open to most legit
examiners with no problem history.
If PolygraphConnection chooses to remove
your ad, you get a pro-rated refund.
(Other less professional sites can --and have--
removed listees with no warning or reimbursement)

Banners and other options to follow.

Pretend you are a potential client.
Visit any other site that allows
examiners to pay for a listing.
Search for an examiner.
Compare it to PolygraphConnection.
You'll see it through a client's eyes:
this site is FAR more user-friendly!

Clients can't hire you if they can't find you.
Forcing them to wade through information
not applicable to their needs is wasting their time.

One instant-click is the best way to find you!

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