About PolygraphConnection.com:

The public was getting scammed.
They were being lied to by the very people
they were hiring to help find the truth!

There were (and still are) other sites filled with
'Hire me- I use a XXXXXXX polygraph instrument'
ads by examiners who really only have older equipment;
some other sites allow false information to be
listed about an examiner's training and abilities.

PolygraphConnection is NOT one of those
'We allow anyone with a credit card to
advertise, no questions asked'

PolygraphConnection is NOT one of those
'Search through pages of our cluttered site
before you can possibly find an examiner'
on PolygraphConnection, you click for your
info right on the clean & simple homepage.

PolygraphConnection is NOT one of those
'Advertise whatever you want, they don't verify' sites.

Many examiners listed on other sites
can not qualify to be listed here.
So, since it is VERY affordable
($100 per calendar year for the first listing,
$25 per each additional) for a legit examiner
to be listed here, RUN if they are listed elsewhere but not here!

Those other sites do not protect the public; we do:
examiners must verify to us everything stated in their listings.

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