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Puerto Rico
polygraph examination

take a lie detector test in Puerto Rico

818 883-6969 for
a computerized
lie-detector test
in Puerto Rico

polygraph testing in Puerto Rico

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quotes for a
Puerto Rico
polygraph test

lie detection in Puerto Rico

We use modern
computer polygraph
equipment for
Puerto Rico

lie detector in Ponce PR

A Puerto Rico polygraph test
can allow the
client to arrive
with up to four
Yes or No
questions to be
used for the test

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Puerto Rico
lie detection

Polygraph test in Puerto Rico

Lie-detector in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Polygraph

Puerto Rico lie detection

Puerto Rico lie detector
Puerto Rico polygraph test

Puerto Rico polygraph tests
are available to the public
Monday through Sunday

poigrafo in Fajardo Puerto Rico

A computerized
Puerto Rico lie detector test
can take less time IF
you arrive with your
desired test questions
already written on paper

lie detector Caguas

How accurate is a
polygraph test Puerto Rico?

Here's an example:
A person can NOT join the
FBI without first passing
a polygraph examination.

lie detector test in Bayamon

Accurate polygraph
test Puerto Rico

Computer polygraph
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico lie detecyor in Caguas

San Juan lie detector

Ponce lie detector

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