Lie Detector Atlanta

polygraph examination

Atlanta polygraph office

Give us a call
818 883-6969 for
a lie-detector test
in Atlanta for
business or
the public

where to get a polygraph in Atlanta

For an Atlanta
lie-detector test,
write down one to
four Yes or No
questions that you
would like to be
asked during
the testing

Atlanta Georgia lie detection

for the public
are available
by appointment
almost every day

polygraph exam in Atlanta GA

If you have
ten minutes,
visit each of these Atlanta polygraph webpages:

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Douglasville Georgia polygraph

Atlanta polygraph
testing follows the
Federal 10-question
format that contains
UP TO 4 questions
written by the client

Marietta Georgia polygraph examination

Computerized Atlanta
polygraph testing
reads tiny changes
at the chest, abdomen,
arm and fingers as
questions are answered

Gainesville Georgia polygraph

An Atlanta lie detector
test observes changes
to breathing,
sweat and blood

Monroe Georgia polygraph

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Smyra polygraph
By appointment,
usually available
7 days a week
are polygraph tests in
Atlanta or nearby areas

Rome Georgia polygraph

Ask about an
Atlanta Georgia
polygraph examination
by telephoning
818 883-6969.
Ask for information
or to schedule.

Athens Georgia polygraph

The three parts of an
Atlanta polygraph test are:
1. Pre-Test
2. Chart Collection
3. Post-Test

Peachtree City polygraph test